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Hear from past satisfied clients and check out our gallery and see for yourself.

Wonderful to Work With!

Shaazaam was professional during our meetings leading up to the wedding day. Communicative and thorough with day-of communication with some unforeseen timeline changes. High energy and interactive with the couple and guest to the appropriate amount.

Sarah Christiansen

Love love love

Listen to when I say you need to have this young man at your event. Not only did he go a good job for my birthday party but he made sure I was okay every 5-10 like which I love

Vania L

Excellent service

Shazaam production provided hosting services for
My wedding. The service was amazing, the energy that he bought throughout the evening was awesome, he had the guest engaging and made sure that everything flowed. I am overall happy with the services I received and would definitely book him for other events.


Epic Wedding!

If you looking to take your event to the next level please book Shazaam, so many of my guests mentioned how much he was engaged in making my reception one to remember. You definitely can’t go wrong with having a host at your next event.


Excellent Event

Shama was very communicative throughout our entire wedding planning. On the day on the event, He showed on time and made sure all our guests had a great time which played a big part of making our wedding night a success.
Great host, I would definitely recommend him for any events.
Thank you!!!

Juleck S.

The best host EVER!!!

Now you know you hired the best host when he flies all the way to Florida to host your surprise engagement party, and your guests begin to ask if he'll be in Florida again for the wedding! SHAMA IS AMAZING! What I love most about him is that he makes sure to understand your vision while he effortlessly adds his own twist. His energy is everything! What you see on his IG videos is literally what you get the entire event. He completely takes away the stress from feeling like you have to entertain your guests while leaving a lasting impression! Shama is literally the best host and you should definitely book him!


African Wedding Reception

Shazaam was an amazing host. Very professional and he gave my guest the experience I wanted them to have .

Sarah K

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